A morning with the Pine Warbler

This past Saturday I visited Yellow Creek SP in Indiana County, PA. It’s a great place to bird in April as it’s lake is a great stop over for many migrating waterfowl and song birds. It’s also a very reliable place to find Pine Warblers in the day use area. It was a very cold, snowy and blustery morning and very few birds were singing, so it took awhile to find the warblers. Finally after a couple hours I saw one perch on the electrical line beside the boat rental house. First time ever I saw a warbler on a power line!


He only stayed there a brief moment, then flew to a nearby tree where I got some more shots.


He then flew over the boat rental house and into a stand of pines. They mostly prefer pines, hence their name. He was up pretty high at first and while watching him I spotted a second Pine Warbler….possibly a breeding pair perhaps!


After some time one of them came down super close to me at eye level and peaked at me through the pine needles. My money shot of the day!


Author: Steve

Steve Gosser is a nature and birding enthusiast from Western Pennsylvania who loves to capture the sights he encounters with his camera. Visit his gallery site at www.gosserphotos.com

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  1. Hooray!! This is great, Steve. It will be a lot of work, but I know it will be a labor of love! Good luck–I’ll be following along and sending many others your way, too!

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