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Looking out across lake Arthur at Moraine State Park - Photo by Cris Hamilton

My bird photography site is basically a way to share my photos and birding experiences with the internet community. Believe it or not, up until about 2005 I hardly knew anything about birds. I probably could not identify more than 5 or 6. My bird watching interest came as a result mostly by my love of nature photography. 

In December of 2004 I looked out the window one day and saw a lovely cardinal perched in a near by bush as it began to snow. I thought to myself, that might be a nice picture! To my amazement it got the highest ratings of any photo I submitted to Photo.net. This picture is what I credit for starting my love and addiction to bird photography and bird watching. That winter I sat patiently by the window hoping to get some good shots of the backyard birds. By the spring I had gotten quite a few different birds, many of which I had no clue of what they were. So I began looking them up in field guides and on the internet so I could start identifying them. This is basically how my passion for birds and bird watching began.

Why do I love birding and avian photography so much? I think because it combines my love for adventures in the great outdoors, my love for creative and artistic challenges and my love for wild creatures big and small. Simply put, birding is incredibly fun and exciting. A lot of times just getting to see an incredible bird is exhilarating enough but to come away from that experience with a decent picture of it, is like icing on the cake. I'm sure anyone who is a birder knows that some days can be quite disappointing where there just isn't much to be found, but some days are absolutely magical when you see something amazing. You're never guaranteed to see anything when your out looking for wild creatures, but each day you never know what you might find and that's what keeps me going out looking for more.

I officially started my birding photo list web-site back in November of 2005. I had roughly 40 species of birds then, so you can see how much I've seen since then. Just about every weekend now is spent somewhere looking for my fine feathered friends. To me photography is all about sharing your vision and passion with others. I hope to be able to let others see just how beautiful birds are. There is so much beauty in nature if we just stop for awhile and look around.

I was honored to have an article about me appear in the Valley News Dispatch. 

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I live in New Kensington, Pa and I do most of my bird watching and photography in the western Pennsylvania region. Below is a list of some of my favorites places to visit here. Those underlined have a link to their site or map.

Moraine State Park 

Pymatuning State Park 

Presque Isle State Park 

Cooks Forest State Park

Clear Creek State Park

Yellow Creek State Park

Glade Dam lake, Butler County - (State game lands 95)

Piney Tract / Mt. Zion - near Sligo, Pa

Lawrence County farm lands near Volant and New Wilmington

Harrison Hills Park

Burrell Lake Park

Northmoreland Park

My Photo Equipment:

Nikon D300 - present

Nikon D70 - 10/2004 - 01/2008

Nikon 300mm f/4 lens

Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 lens

Nikon 1.7x Teleconverter

Nikon 1.4x Teleconverter

Nikon SB600 Flash

Manfrotto Tripod & Monopod

Photo by Eric Felak

Contact information

Email: smgosser@verizon.net

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