Biography Page

                Steve has long had a great interest in the arts and photography. From an early age he loved artistic endeavors and heard lots of praise from peers and teachers of his work growing up. He actually began to draw before he learned to talk! He graduated college from Edinboro University where he majored in art and took numerous classes in graphic design, drawing / illustration, painting, sculpture and many others. He always loved to take pictures also but could only take one photography class which taught him the basics like how to control exposure, composition, etc. It wasn’t really until the early 2000’s however when digital photography took over, that Steve developed a deep love of the picture making process. Photoshop was now the dark room which Steve knew from his college graphics courses so the digital format was right up his ally.
In 2004 Steve got his first decent camera, A Nikon DSLR. After that Steve was out all the time looking for interesting pictures to take. He quickly discovered his passion was anything in the great outdoors and nature. With spending an increasingly amount of time outside he began to notice wildlife and birds really for the first time. The more he encountered the more he was inspired and mesmerized by the subjects he was finding. Not only where the creatures he found incredibly beautiful but having a chance moment when crossing paths with another form of life, he found to be a deeply special and intimate experience and very much awe inspired Steve. It wasn’t long then when most of Steve’s focus was looking for creatures big and small.
In 2005 – 2006 Steve discovered the exciting and rewarding hobby of birding! He knew very little about birds prior to that but discovered they made stunning photography subjects to take aim at. The more birds he found the more the passion for his new hobby snowballed. It wasn’t long after that Steve’s bird pictures began getting published in local birding newsletters, journals, newspapers and eventually magazines. Starting in 2012 Steve got the opportunity to hold gallery exhibits at various places with his bird photography art. This let his pictures reach even bigger audiences.

After birding for many years he became an expert in identifying birds by both sight and sound. He now leads Christmas bird counts, leads bird outings for various organizations and also volunteers his time helping a group look for birds who have struck windows around the Pittsburgh area. He never imagined by getting into this simple hobby that it would become so much a part of his life and inspirations.
Steve believes photography is all about sharing your vision and passion with others. He believes photography and art have the power to make people feel something special in their hearts which is what he strives for in each image he creates. He hopes to be able to let others see just how beautiful everything the natural world has to offer and strives to capture what many people overlook or fail to take notice in. Steve is especially drawn to images that depict something not often seen or is difficult to see in the motion of time. He hopes to inspire others to slow down, stop and smell the roses and simply look what’s around!

Here is a list of the photographic equipment Steve uses:

Nikon D7100
Nikon D300
Nikon 300mm F/4 lens
Nikon 80-200mm F/2.8 lens
Nikon 16-85mm F/3.5-5.6 lens
Kenko 1.4x TC
Nikon SB600 Flash
Manfrotto Tripod and Monopod

Steve's favorite places for photography and birding:

Moraine State Park
Presque Isle State Park
Cooks Forest State Park
Clear Creek State Park
Yellow Creek State Park
Glade Dam lake (State game lands 95)
Piney Tract / Mt. Zion - near Sligo, Pa
Lawrence County - Black Swamp, Pensy Swamp, Volant Strips
Crooked Creek Lake
Loyalhanna Dam
Harrison Hills Park
Burrell Lake Park
Northmoreland Park

Steve standing on the bluff above the Allegheny River at Harrison Hills Park.

All photos copyrighted 2016 by Steve Gosser. Use without written consent is strickly prohibited.